Notes to The Epistemic Basing Relation

1. In isolation, the phrase "the basing relation" is ambiguous between the concept "basing relation" and particular instances of basing relations. However, it should be clear from the context which is meant.

2. For additional objections not discussed here, see Jacobson 1993, and Korcz 2000.

3. See Alston 1989, pp. 228-229, and Korcz 2000, pp. 539-545, for further discussion of the problem.

4. Similar examples also appear in Lehrer 1974, pp. 124-125, Lehrer 1990, p. 169, and Lehrer 2000, pp. 195-198.

5. Audi 1983, pp. 223-225, also presents several objections to Lehrer's example.

6. The wording of (DB) has been altered slightly.

7. See, for instance, Tolliver 1982, Kvanvig 1985, Lemke 1986, Korcz 1997, and Lehrer 2000, pp. 196-197.

8. I have altered the wording significantly for purposes of clarity.

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