Supplement to Ecological Genetics

Long descriptions for some figures in Ecological Genetics

Figure 1 description

A diagram. On the left hand side is a light green column labeled at the top with “s, selective effect”. The column is divided into five same size blocks with a sixth vertically shorter block at the bottom; each block is separated from the adjacent ones by a dotted line. The top of the first block contains “+/−”. The bottom of each block except the last contains a number; top to bottom these are 0.1000, 0.01000, 0.00100, 0.00010, and 0.00001.

To the right of column is a column of text (unless otherwise mentioned the text is black). At the top lined up with the top of the green column is, in red, “Natural Selection”. Below this is “Genes with s in this range are selected”. Below this and lined up with the 0.00100 of the first column is a blue wavy image with five low amplitude waves. To the right of this image is three lines of text; the first line is “ Population Size”; the second line, in blue, is “Threshold”; and the third line is “\(N_e=500\)”. Below the blue wavy line is the text “Genes with s in this range are neutral”. Below this, in red, is “Random Genetic Drift”.

Figure 2 description

A diagram very similar to figure 1 except that the blue wavy line has five high amplitude waves and there is a vertical red line with arrows on both ends between the third and fourth waves. In addition the text immediately above is replaced with “s is in this range when \((f_{E_1} - f_{E_2})\) or \((p_{B} - p_{b}) > \frac{1}{2}N\)”, and, the text immediately below is replaced with “s is in this range when \((f_{E_1} - f_{E_2})\) or \((p_{B} - p_{b}) < \frac{1}{2}N\)”.

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