Notes to Edmund Burke

1. References to quotations from Burke's writings and speeches have not been given, in order to save space, if the source is obvious, i.e. where quotation is made from a well-known work identified in the text.

2. Though he does appear in encyclopaedias, see e.g. Freeman, M., 1992.

3. Burke to Richard Shackleton, 21 March, 1747, Corr, 1958–78, vol.i, p. 89.

4. Burke to John S. Bowen, 1 October 1786, Corr, 1958–78, vol.x, p. 19.

5. Burke, draft letter to William Markham, after 9 November 1771, Corr, 1958–78, vol.ii., pp. 253, 268.

6. Stanley Baldwin (1867-1947), Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1923–4, 1924–9, 1935–7. For Baldwin's outstanding political skill, of which his bucolic and domestic persona was only part and not the chief part, see Williamson, P., 1999.

7. A well-chosen selection of caricatures is in Robinson, N.K., 1996.

8. Sir William Blackstone, in Hull & Temperley, eds, 1911–12: p. 569 (contractions expanded).

9. Second Earl of Buckinghamshire, memorandum on commencement of the American Rebellion, Historical Manuscripts Commission, 1905: p. 291.

10. Speech of 18 April 1794, reported in The Sun, 19 April 1794.

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