Notes to Feminist Philosophy of Language

1. See, for example, analytic feminism; feminist perspectives on the self; feminist ethics; and feminist history of philosophy.

2. See, for example, Erlich & King 1998: 168, Gastil 1990, Martyna 1978, Moulton, Robinson & Elias 1978, Wilson & Ng 1988. There have been some criticisms of this research in Cole, Hill & Dayley 1983. But see also the response to these criticisms in Gastil 1990.

3. For more on discursive constructivism, see also the section on Feminist Postmodernism in the entry on feminist epistemology and philosophy of science.

4. See also the section on Feminist Critiques and Conceptions of Objectivity in the entry on feminist epistemology and philosophy of science.

5. Hornsby 1995; Hornsby and Langton 1998; Hornsby 2000; Langton 1993; Langton and West 1999; McGowan 2003; see also the entry on pornography and censorship.

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